A Guide to Brain Injury Treatment and Rehab

TBI, or traumatic brain injury, happens when a person’s brain is damaged due to a sudden injury. Closed head injuries may cause damage if an object hits the head but doesn’t go through the skull. Penetrating head injuries occur when the object goes through the skull and enters the brain. Some of the most common symptoms of TBI include:

  • Dizziness
  • Headache
  • Convulsions
  • Confusion
  • Slurred speech
  • Diminished coordination
  • Lack of concentration
  • Personality changes
  • Memory loss

According to the Centers for Disease Control, most TBIs are caused by falls. Other causes include car accidents, violent assaults, and accidental trauma.

The Importance of Rehabilitation

If someone has a TBI, rehabilitation will be a vital part of the recovery. Rehab may take a variety of forms depending on a patient’s needs, and it may include occupational, physical, and speech therapy, as well as social support and psychiatric care. All of these factors are designed to help a patient recover from their injuries to the extent possible. Rehab can help:

  • Improve a patient’s functional abilities
  • Treat the physical and mental issues of TBI
  • Offer emotional and social support
  • Help patients adapt to change

Rehabilitation can prevent serious issues such as pain, blood clots, bedsores, breathing troubles, low blood pressure, muscle weakness, bladder and bowel dysfunction, reproductive issues, and more.

The Risks of Rehabilitation

Post-TBI rehab isn’t likely to cause issues, but there’s always a chance that occupational or physical therapy may cause new injuries or make existing problems worse. It is important for patients to work closely with rehab specialists who will take measures to prevent these problems.

Preparing for Rehab

Before a patient can begin rehab, they must get treatment for the early effects of the injury. Treatments may include:

  • Emergency care for the injury
  • ICU treatment
  • Surgery for skull and brain injuries
  • Recovery time in the hospital
  • Transfer to a rehab facility

What to Expect During Rehabilitation

Every injury is different, and every patient’s needs are unique. Patients receive custom-designed brain injury treatment programs that involve various medical professionals, but it’s important for them to have a care coordinator who oversees the process. Programs change as the patient’s abilities and needs change, and families, case coordinators, and patients should pick the setting that works for them. Rehab can take place in inpatient or outpatient facilities, at home, in an independent living center, or in a daily program. A patient’s program may include one or more of these treatments.

  • Physical therapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • Physical medicine
  • Psychological care
  • Psychiatric care
  • Language and speech therapy

Social Support is Important

Patients have various options for TBI rehab, and the type of therapy they receive is largely determined by their medical team’s assessment of their abilities and needs. Evaluations may cover speech, swallowing, bladder and bowel control, coordination and strength, language comprehension, behavioral and mental faculties, social support requirements, and other factors.

After Rehab: What Happens?

The duration of rehab and the level of follow-up care required depend on the severity of the injury and the patient’s response to therapy. While some people can return to their pre-TBI level of function, others need lifelong treatment. The effects of a traumatic brain injury can appear years later, and these patients are often at a higher risk for issues such as Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, and other types of dementia.

Patients will learn which symptoms and signs warrant a call to their healthcare provider and which symptoms should be expected. Caregivers and patients will get advice on self-care and safety, drug and alcohol use, and they’ll learn about available support resources in the community. Primary care providers should receive recommendations and records from the therapy team to ensure the patient gets the proper care.

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Use Dallas Resources To Start And Grow A Business

Starting a business is often a dream come true after years of hoping and planning. The New business owner will have been saving and raising money for months or years. Because many new business people are risking everything to start and run a new business, they can not afford to fail. It is essential that a person or group of people that are contemplating starting a new business get it right the first time. To do that they must do their homework and make the best use of all local business resources. There is an order to follow in starting and growing a business successfully.

Research The Proposed Business And Seek Business Start-Up Resources

Dallas entrepreneurs have a process to follow for business success.

  • Research the business idea to make sure it is viable and has a market. Make sure there are not too many competitors. A field that is too crowded already may not sustain another similar business. Do the business partners have the skills and mindset to successfully start and run a business? Is there sufficient money to start the business and survive until money starts coming in? Is there a good business plan? Is the business owner ready to start the business and take on the risks and the responsibilities that may be involved?
  • When a considered decision has been made to start the business, use all the Dallas resources that are available. Do not try to go it alone. Why reinvent the wheel over and over? Take advantage of resources such as the Resource Navigator to locate organizations and services that can mentor and advise new business people. Look for free or low-cost training courses or business networking conferences. In other words, get well prepared for starting and running a successful business.
  • Consider downloading a pre-venture worksheet from Dallas B.R.A.I.N. which is a business resource and information network for Starting businesses in the Dallas area. Research the business idea further using available resources to fine tune it with experienced mentors. Use a business start up plan checklist to make sure all legal and other aspects are covered. Take all the legal steps to start a business including hiring a business attorney. Check out business registration, tax, and regulations details for the type of business being considered. Check into additional funding options and partner agencies to help start and build the business.
  • Starting and succeeding in any business takes skills such as accounting, human resources, legal knowledge or help, technology, management, inventory management, marketing skills, people skills, scheduling, and more . The entrepreneur must choose the correct location and building for the business and plan the logistics of the whole operation from making the product or procuring the product, to pricing, to selling it, to shipping it. There will be many challenges to face and overcome in the process of running a business. The business owner must carefully staff the business and manage the employee pool. There will be many types of records to keep including tax information, employee records, and sales records.
  • Once the business is up and running, it may be necessary to grow the business to keep the success continuing. The business owner will need to determine when to hire additional staff, enlarge the product line, add new business systems or technology, find additional customer bases, or plan marketing plans to attract more customers. Talking to a resource navigator or a business counselor may be very cost effective over time.
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Business success depends on taking the right steps at the right speed in the right order. Getting advice and training for business management can make the difference between failure and success. Engaging the correct professional services and consultants can save a business costly mistakes and legal problems. For more information on starting a business, go to the website.

Four Of The Best Places to Work in Dallas Metroplex

Finding the perfect job isn’t easy. There are a lot of factors to consider about any place of employment beyond the pay rate. The location is important for those who don’t want to travel. The overall goal of the company is something every employee would consider. The people that work at a company can help determine the quality of employment and how enjoyable day to day work is. Additional training is important for advancement, and if a company offers the training as an incentive advancement is much easier. Of course, it’s never a good idea to take a job that pays too little.

It doesn’t hurt to consider the options out there, but branching out too far is a mistake. For young professionals, it’s easy to switch fields and consider careers outside of previous job fields. When it comes to finding the Best Places to Work in Dallas Metroplex, there are many different choices. A quick look at some examples might just get any professional the lead they need to get started on a great career.

Bain & Company is a leading consulting company with many offices in the country. They offer ambitious young minds the opportunity to work in a growing industry with countless opportunities. Employees are continuously encouraged to make a positive impact in the office and in their work. This environment makes for one of the best career opportunities for those interested in working for a larger company.

The Boston Consulting Group is a very successful firm with partnerships in a wide variety of sectors. They work with everyone from non-profits to private sectors. This wide range of capability makes it possible for almost any young professional to find their ideal niche and start developing a very successful career. Their goal is simple, to drive change in any industry they work in and transform the way people think about how things should work. If this sounds exciting, it might be time to send in a resume.

In-N-Out Burger may sound like just another food service job, but it’s much more than that. True professionals in the food service industry know that serving a great product is what makes the job worth having. In-N-Out strives to serve the best made-to-order burgers anywhere. Unlike most burger places, they don’t use freezers, microwaves, or heat lamps on their food. If this kind of quality stands out among Dallas Companies then this is a fantastic opportunity for a true food service professional.

Mad Wire is a digital marketing firm that works with leading electronic companies to bring some of the best products to the market. Excellence is the name of the game with this innovative company. They set their standards high and let that be their guide to success. Using a digital platform, this company projects it’s high standards onto the marketplace and sets the goal of providing the best service they possibly can. Anyone who wants to make themselves a success in the sales industry should consider looking at the available positions.